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pick-a-bunny sticker!


Image of pick-a-bunny sticker!
  • Image of pick-a-bunny sticker!

is the bunny you want not in my other bunny sticker listing? you may get all the other stickers here!

please look through the the bunny archive at neogeo.pet/bunny and in include in checkout notes either the # of that bunny, the description of it, or both. bunnies with the heart symbol by their name cannot be requested, unless by their owner. they are others' pets or personal bunnies!

please note, i may slightly touch up or alter the bunny to be more suitable for printing as a sticker!

you may also request a bunny you have previously commissioned as a sticker through here. do not request a brand new bunny, or a new commission through this listing! if you're looking for a new bunny commission, please do so through my ko-fi commissions, then only when it's completed, you may request the sticker here.

i also have a random option included for fun if you can't decide! you can leave a general theme of what you like in the checkout notes if you want. hope you enjoy all the bunnies! thank you ^ _ ^