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do you ship internationally?

yes, i now ship to most regions within the world! please note that USPS interational shipping averages to around $10 USD. however, i do not ship t-shirts internationally due to their size. if you would like me to add a new country, please contact me in the email form below or on social media. it's likely i will be able to add it quickly.

like many independent sellers i don't currently ship to the UK or EU until i am more clear on how to go about the new shipping situation! sorry! however, these options are available on my etsy.

how long will shipping take?

depending on the current load of orders, i do a shipment at least once a week - so depending on your order time, it can ship anywhere from the day of your order or the full week cycle (maximum). if an order is a time-sensitive gift, just make a note to me in checkout so i can accomodate it. i'm just one person, so i really appreciate your patience!! keep in mind that all orders are made-to-order, so this time varies depending on my workload and size of your order.

i use USPS first class with tracking. for domestic shipping from the day i ship it, you should receive it in 2-5 business days depending on your state (i'm shipping from california). for international, it could take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, but you will receive a tracking number!

what do you ship in?

i use bubble envelopes, which may end up in a mailbox instead of a doorstep!

do you accept paypal?

currently, i do not accept paypal because of an account issue. i accept card payments through stripe! thanks for your understanding. again, this is also an option on my etsy!!

how do you make your stickers?

i produce the majority of my stickers at home with a silhouette machine and glossy vinyl sticker paper. i love the paper for its easy peel from the top layer and its durability.

are your stickers waterproof?

yes, the vinyl i print them on is waterproof, has been tested under the sink and the design will not be affected by water touching it. however, since they are not UV weatherproof, i do not recommend putting them in conditions where heavy weathering will occur, such as the outside of a car, or applying scrubbing pressure or soap when washing a surface the stickers are on.

if you have an experience with the sticker design weathering off, i would be happy to fulfill your order again for free, but please consider these conditions.

an item i want is out of stock, when will it restock?

please contact me to let me know what item is out of stock! for most items, i can restock them quickly, or can begin production when i know there is reinterest.

will you ever make ____?

feel free to ask me!! it helps a lot to know what you are interested in, it's not a bother and could potentially end up on my store! i always appreciate feedback like that.

still have questions? contact me!

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